Confusion in the Vote Receiving Boards

Vote Receiving Boards Staff (JRV). Photo: Courtesy.

By Anayansi Rivas

The Savior, after the polls closed, the vote counting began, it is estimated that for 9:00 at night they will be presenting the first preview of the vote count.

It should be noted that there is confusion when classifying the ballots, some members of the Vote Receiving Boards (JRV) They are not clear on how to classify the votes because some did not attend the previous training.

Ballot counting by staff of the Vote Receiving Board (JRV).
(photo VD: Carlos Renderos)

Expressed Jorge Campos Supervisor of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), that the confusion that the representatives of the polls are experiencing is due to the fact that some representatives did not attend a previous training given by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and that the points of confusion are: the cross vote, by face, vote in favor of a party, or by preference and for that reason the criteria of those who attended the training prevail.