Confirmed three cases of coronavirus in Maryland, E.E.U.U

Photo, Office of the Governor of Maryland

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Larry Hogan, Governor of the State of Maryland, He confirmed three cases of coronavirus. These are the first recorded in the Washington area, Maryland y Virginia (DMV), an area with the highest concentration of Latinos on the East Coast of the United States.

“State Public Laboratory, the first confirmed positive cases of coronavirus in Maryland”, Hogan and he reported in a local press conference, in which he also asked the public not to panic.

It is about, a couple APPROXIMATELY 70 years and the other case, is a woman in her 50 years. The three people traveled abroad and returned to the end of February to the country.

These three people residing in the area of ​​Montgomery County, one of the most populous of the state. “We know where these people came, but now you're not going to reveal”, said Governor.

For the moment, the only authorities maintain that the recommendations had been given to the population and stressed that these cases should not alarm the population. Hogan said that for now all daily actividdades performed in the state will remain.

Alarm among the population

But nevertheless, although the authorities called for calm, in some counties near Montgomery, people reported that some supermarkets are crowded.

According to reports, many consumers, They are trying to stock up on bottled water and other canned products, provided that there is some kind of measure or recommendation indicating citizens to stay home.

Shelf where bottled water is placed in a supermarket in Maryland, although the governor called for calm, the population seeks supplied with some products. photo VD, Olimpia courtesy Alvarez.
State residents seeking supplied with water at a supermarket in the area. photo VD, courtesy of Olimpia Alvarez.