Confirms first case of coronavirus in the United States

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Public Health Authority of the United States, Tuesday confirmed the first case of coronavirus, which it was recently developed in China and is transmitted from person to person.

The virus, has claimed the lives of six people in China and Health autoriades several countries of the world are concerned about the risk that this will become a pandemic.

This is a person who traveled to China and returned to the United States in recent days.

The patient was diagnosed with the virus in Seattle and according to a CNN report Local, It is expected that US public health authorities, CDC for its acronym in English, make the official announcement later on Tuesday afternoon.

World Health Organization, He confirmed already registered 300 cases, the largest rallied, since 2003 when the virus attacked the last time. further, and cases were recorded in Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

the coronavirus, It is a large family of viruses that cause colds common that can become deadly pneumonias. Also it affects dogs, cats and cows.

At airports in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the busiest in the United States, the authorities are reviewing the travelers coming from China and the countries where you have already registered cases of coronavirus.

The authorities are paying attention at air terminals for people who have symptoms of flu, fever and colds, because it is feared that the disease will spread as many people return to their countries after celebrating the start of the Chinese Lunar Year.