10 August, 2022

Confirms first case of coronavirus in El Salvador

Photo: President of El Salvador.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior, the only country in Central America that had remained until Wednesday without any reported case of coronavirus, He entered the list of countries affected by this disease.

The news was confirmed by the Salvadoran President, n watch, national chain Wednesday night. According to the president he said, the person infected with the virus, You have entered the country for a blind spot.

“That person came through a blind spot. She was referred to the hospital Metapan, as a prospective patient coronavirus. The patient is isolated, He has had contact with many people and we do not rule that has infected”, Bukele said on national television to the country.

The president explained that in the coming hours, Health authorities conduct other tests to people who may have been infected by this patient.

further, He explained that on Wednesday made other 50 testing patients who are not related to this case and all of them were negative to the virus.

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic declared by the outbreak of coronavirus, El Salvador had remained among the few countries where a case was not registered.

Last week, Bukele President declared a national emergency as a preventive measure and also asked the Legislature to approve a decree to appoint state of emergency in the country by the coronavirus.