Confirmed case of coronavirus in Canada

By Luisa Moncada, Toronto, Glen

the coronavirus, which in recent days it has been expanded by several countries around the world, It was also detected in Canada.

After health authorities in the province of Toronto, They confirmed the first case, on Monday they reported a possible second case is under study.

It is the wife of the first patient carrier, which was officially diagnosed. Both traveled from Wuhan, China, on Wednesday 22 from January.

In a press release, Toronto Public Health reported that the first patient is stable and is hospitalized at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto from 23 from January; while his wife, It has directed self-isolation, they do not even need hospital care.

The pair has tested positive rapid tests studied in the Laboratory of Public Health Ontario, but it is expected that the results of the specific test for 2019-nCoV, scientific name of the coronavirus, He held to the second victim, confirm suspicions.

The studies, health officials said, They are being analyzed at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg and also, This laboratory is under study other 12 cases on suspicion of coronavirus.

For now, the authorities are working to contact the passengers who traveled less than two meters closeness to the couple returned to Toronto on the flight CZ311 China Southern Airlines to 3:46 pm the 22 from January.

Health officials were emphatic to ensure that not all the passengers of this flight are at risk, for we speak of an organism that is transmitted by close contact.

Despite this information, The Medical Director of Health Toronto, David Williams, He said the risk of contagion for Ontarians remains low, because the health personnel have the situation under control.

But nevertheless, Williams urged the public to follow prevention measures, such as washing hands with soap and water several times a day and coughing and sneezing covering her mouth with his forearm and not your hand, among other.

Until the 26 January night, China confirmed 2,744 Coronavirus cases and 80 deaths. The virus that originated presumed animal has already expanded to 10 countries and the United States has already 5 confirmed cases.

Last week, the health authorities of the United States expressed concern, because they suspect that Chinese authorities, They have not reported the exact numbers of dead people or infected by the virus.

In addition to Canada, Australia and Cambodia also confirmed cases of coronavirus in the last hours. But nevertheless, World Health Organization (WHO) He has not declared a health emergency before the outbreak of the disease.