Episcopal Conference of El Salvador requires solve crimes of priests

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Episcopal Conference of El Salvador requires law enforcement authorities investigate the murder of priests Walter Vásquez Jiménez Osmir, It happened a year ago, and Cecilio Perez Cruz happened this 17 May in San José La Majada in Sonsonate west of the country.

In a press release entitled: "Violence has touched the altar How far will we get? They expressed their rejection of crime in all its manifestations, afflicting the Salvadoran people.

They demanded the authorities vehemently prompt investigation of both crimes, and that due justice is administered, both these cases and in all cases of violence recorded in the country.

The murder of the priest Vasquez Jimenez occurred in 2018 in Lolotique community of Las Lajas, in the Diocese of Santiago de María, in eastern El Salvador.