3 December, 2022

Convict more than 23 years in prison for four defendants in the crime of Paraguayan prosecutor Pecci

No information has yet been released about the intellectual authors of the crime., although the Colombian authorities assure that the "determiners of this crime could be in another country",

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Colombia – A Colombian court sentenced this Friday more than 23 years in prison for four of the five arrested and accused of being the material authors of the murder of the Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, sentence that was initially 47 years but that was reduced by half after they accepted the charges.

A judge in the Caribbean city of Cartagena de Indias qualified the charges of homicide and illegal possession of weapons charged to Wendret Carrillo, Eiverson Zabaleta, Marisol Londoño and Cristian Camilo Monsalve Londoño, while Francisco Luis Correa, whom the Prosecutor considers to be the articulator of the crime, pleaded not guilty, According to the prosecutor's office.

The Colombian Government announced last 6 June the capture of these five suspects of having murdered last 10 May to Pecci, one of the most recognized prosecutors against organized crime in Paraguay, when he was on his honeymoon on the island of Barú, near Cartagena.

According to the prosecutor's account, Carrillo was the one who shot the prosecutor, Zabaleta was the one in charge of transportation and logistics and Londoño and his son Monsalve Londoño would be involved in the follow-up that was carried out on the prosecutor before the crime..

The Colombian Police continue to search for an alleged additional material author, Gabriel Carlos Luis Salinas Mendoza, for which they have issued a blue Interpol circular because he could have left the country, probably to Venezuela, where is he from.

further, Information about the masterminds of the crime has not yet emerged, although the Colombian authorities assure that the “determiners of this crime could be in another country”, “anywhere in the world”.