Latino community in Sweden celebrates the Virgin of Guadalupe

By Diego Recinos

Latinos of all ages, cultures and nationalities; They were present in the Community Catholic Hispanic speaker of Sweden this 12 December to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Regardless of darkness, the cold and snow of Sweden typical at this time of the year, dozens of fervent Catholics gathered in the Mission Hispanic speaker in Stockholm were given to celebrate the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, in his invocation of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Mass, It was presided over by Cardinal Swedish Anders Arborelius.

"I believe that this devotion helps us to think of the poor as San Juan Diego has received the Virgin along with all the natives of the Americas. For Sweden it is a cold country where there is so much isolation and small community, It can be an inspiration to many of the parishes. So I hope that each time more Catholics in Latin America can be integrated and inspire our parishes here ", Cardinal said Anders Arborelius.

The celebration began with the singing of "Guadalupana". The hymn reminds nostalgic and full of attendees. Many of them closed their eyes and quietly, They raised their prayers to the Mother of God remembering the land they left behind. They asked for their families, friends, children and loved ones who left for various reasons. Well, either by violence, poverty or desire to excel; thousands of Latinos have left their country, but not its roots.

"To me it means return to the land where the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared on Tepeyac hill with Juan Diego, and which shows its origins, where he went to the poorest, to the poorest indigenous, and that somehow appeared with him as the Indian who represent all of Latin America ", He said the Mexican parishioner, Antonio Perea.

But the Guadalupana is more than a religious devotion to Latin America. For the Virgen Morena means faith and hope. But unity in distant lands.

"It means a lot to me as a Mexican being away and come to praise, Here in Sweden. And it gives me great joy to share this not only Mexicans but with people who love America and adopted as his mother and as their virgin ", said Laura Leal, Mexican feligrés.

Every 12 from December, the Catholic Church celebrates the apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the Indian Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac in 1531. Since then, Marian devotion has transcended the Mexican border, becoming a universal devotion. Because, million Catholics come with faith and love for the Virgin Morena for comfort.