Voice of the Diaspora Communiqué

Voice of the Diaspora reports that Carmen Rodríguez, from the day 30 July 2020, You are not part of our organization as you have communicated your resignation through social networks. Your thoughts and opinions misinform and attack our agency, generating unnecessary speculation about your feelings and circumstances. These statements were recently released on social networks.

Voice of the Diaspora is made up of Salvadoran journalists on five continents, that represent the voice of our country abroad, who work under our internal regulations, for which ethics is a transversal requirement, permanent and universal. We are an INDEPENDENT medium, committed to generating truthful content through good practice in the journalistic profession.

Since 2018 our mission has been to create a professional bond and solidarity between Salvadoran journalists based outside the territory of the Republic of El Salvador, We will continue working to be a reference for the men and women of the press at an international level, being an organization with world prestige.

Legal Representatives Voice of the Diaspora

Voice of the Diaspora Lawyers: Drag. Rosalba Molina and Erubey Ruíz.