Communicated before the public opinion

Voice of Diaspora, before the public opinion, that after our president Milagro Vallecillos requested to our General Assembly of active Members the integration of an Ethics Commission to investigate her actions and those of her Board of Directors during the period 2018-2020, product of statements made by two members of the organization, our Ethics Commission made up of Rocío Rivas, Francisco Ayala Silva and José Luis Funes, carried out the respective investigations, determining that said allegations of lack of transparency and alleged corruption are totally false.

Our Ethics Commission and all our members received from our president Milagro Vallecillos 10 documents containing all vouchers between invoices, receipts and letters of what happened in these two years.

The evidence presented by two members of the organization was distorted one by one with vouchers and documentation that attest to the falsity of the allegations. Our Ethics Committee has provided our members with a complete report containing documents, letters and receipts that deny the malicious accusations made on digital platforms that threaten the honor of our news agency and its president Milagro Vallecillos. In this sense, our company reserves the right to initiate legal action against people who have defamed us.

We are a serious and responsible organization, who has helped colleagues in difficult situations at different times, including the two people who have made unsubstantiated allegations.

We express our strongest rejection of the smear campaign, of which our news agency and our president Milagro Vallecillos have been a victim.

We reiterate that Voice of the Diaspora, organization made up of Salvadoran journalists on five continents, represent the voice of our country abroad, who work under our internal regulations, for which ethics is a transversal requirement, permanent and universal. We are an INDEPENDENT medium, committed to generating truthful content through good practice in the journalistic profession.

Since 2018 our mission has been to create a professional bond and solidarity between Salvadoran journalists based outside the territory of the Republic of El Salvador, We will continue working to be a reference for the men and women of the press at an international level, being an organization with world prestige.