Alternative communication from the perspective of civil society

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

Alternative Communication is not a stretchy hat that fits any head; has the right measure for the head of Civil Society, as it is designed to meet the communication needs of communities and organizations that require their own media, not from the market or the state.

Alternative media have their own agenda to report, guide, educate, interpret the facts, with the purpose of forming critical awareness in decision-making. In such a way, that promotes the Culture of Peace, human rights; the values ​​of fraternity and solidarity within the family and the community.

The journalism, within the framework of Alternative Communication, is purposeful. The motto “more than protest, the proposal”, sums up your mission, in the sense of providing solutions to the problem addressed. This is the difference with Popular Communication, whose means are confrontational, sectarian and dogmatic.

Alternative journalism fosters spaces for pluralism of ideas and democratic debate, that requires the free expression of thought of voice and word. Some Communication analysts consider it, a viable utopia. According to my experience in this field, I consider that Communication and Alternative Journalism are a reality, whose projects are feasible and sustainable.