Purchase of 200 million vaccines could accelerate immunization campaign

By Maria T. Morales

The concern of millions throughout the country is the same as that of Juana M. a woman from 65 year old, diabetic and hypertensive, who is still waiting for the anticovid vaccine despite qualifying as a priority in the official list of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English).

The hope of Juana M. in which you will soon receive the immunization surfaces before the announcement about the purchase of 200 million shots voiced this week by Joe Biden, President of the United States.

More of 600 pharmacies across the country, They will begin with the massive vaccination campaign with which they seek to expand access to it, especially, to the Latino and African American community that has been most affected by the pandemic, but with less access to vaccination.

Despite official data indicating that both minorities are among the most affected by COVID-19, only a small number received the vaccine during the first round that began in mid-January.

Until now, have been supplied 48 millions 410 thousand 558 vaccines what it means 69 millions 014 thousand 558 dose.

Of those 12 millions 085 thousand 830 patients have been immunized with two doses and completed their anticovid immunization process.