How to overcome anxiety and stress in times of crisis?

By Nicolas Droz, Massage Specialist, Reflexology and Reiki

As we all know, anxiety and stress are related to an imposed pressure that makes us feel tense, annoying or uncomfortable, that makes us nervous, irritability, muscle tension, excessive sweating, concentration problems, headaches or sporadic increases in heart rate, diabetes, neck or back pain, constipation, diarrhea, high risk of asthma attacks or arthritis, tension, stomach bloating, difficulty getting pregnant and skin problems like hives, it can also cause us anger, irritability, lack of energy and concentration, sadness, depression, weight gain or loss and decreased sexual desire. But everyone has their own tensions: economic, labor, family or sentimental, among other. But nevertheless, we must understand that they are scenarios that arise in everyone's life and we must deal with them.

Nowadays, we've become so used to stress and anxiety that we don't pay attention to them and leave them in our lives, underestimating the harmful effects they have on physical and emotional health. We all suffer from stress and anxiety, either short or long term, and more at this time the world is going through due to the Covid-19, A massage does not hurt to channel all this tension.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of situations that cause pressure, but there are few spaces in which we disconnect from reality. Did you know that it is necessary to give us a break to always think about positive things? These are simple practices that will help you leave behind everything that overwhelms us.

Massage is often associated with a moment of relaxation, but the benefits of massage therapy are much more important than one might imagine.

Reducing stress and anxiety with massages helps us lGet rid of body tension and good mood favors us, also helps to fight depression.

Improving sleep or resting will calm the mental body, and physically it will relieve tension and help regulate the natural cycle, it will also relax the muscles, releasing the accumulated tensions for a more comfortable sleep.

Chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulders, can be resolved with an adequate massage technique, avoiding the use of some prescription drugs for this type of ailments. Both, massages help prevent the onset of certain heart and intestinal diseases, promoting weight regulation and the proper functioning of the digestive system.

The pressure points induced by the massage directly affect the blood system and promote circulation.. Good blood circulation allows energy to be returned to the body, favors the elimination of toxins and provides a better tone, while preventing cardiovascular disease.

Massage therapy helps the immune system to function properly. Massage stimulates the circulation of lymph through the body and thus reinforces its defense action against organisms., bacteria and viruses. A good massage will be really beneficial for your general health.

It can also intensify its effects, associating massage sessions with aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, mixed with massage oil, for its therapeutic virtues. The combination of these two techniques will be especially effective in reducing stress and anxiety, and strengthen the immune defenses thanks to the antiseptic actions of the oils.

further, people who have fibromyalgias benefit from massage techniques.

The alternative of Reiki and Reflexology

The Reiki practitioner will transmit the Universal Energy “KING” through your hands to rebalance the internal energy the “KI” of the person, of an animal and plants.

Reiki and chakras are very close, since it is through the chakras that energy passes and therefore the good energy circulation of your body.

On the other hand, Plantar Reflexology is a technique of manipulating reflex points that correspond to certain organs and parts of the body. These points are present at the ends of the body. Stimulation aims to mobilize the body's self-healing processes. It is practiced by applying gentle to sustained pressure., with your fingertips, on reflex areas or points located on the feet. These points correspond to organs or organic functions.

Reflexology seeks to improve the state of stress or anxiety, the selected points are closely related to tension and the consequences it has on the body. How stress and anxiety are devastating, a decrease in these represents an improvement in the organs, as well as the psychic part.

It should be noted that the various massage and pressure techniques aim to remedy energy blockages and improve blood and lymphatic circulation, that by releasing harmful toxins in the body they contribute to the improvement of these imbalances.

Reflexology seeks to improve or alleviate all kinds of diseases: headaches or back pain, premenstrual syndrome, stress, anxiety, respiratory disorders, multiple sclerosis, and side effects of chemotherapy, among others.

Nicolas Droz.

Nicolas Droz, Massage Specialist, Reflexology, Reiki and Access Bars have received multiple international certifications that accredit him as one of the most outstanding therapists in the region.

The application of his therapy has contributed to improving stress conditions, anxiety, obstructions in the blood and lymphatic circulation, Headaches, back, premenstrual syndrome, respiratory disorders, fibromyalgia, and side effects of chemotherapy, among other.
Today he strives to accompany his followers on social networks and provide useful tips to overcome anxiety and stress in these times of emergency..