What will the new normality be like in commercial establishments?

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

With the massive scope of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, several countries have announced new regulations to combat the spread of this pandemic, like banning gatherings of more than four people in a public place, limitations on the number of customers within a store and monitoring of body temperature, among others.

The reality that we will face to join a productive life in the midst of the fight against COVID-19 will involve an effort to comply with health protocols., but also this must be reinforced with technologies that facilitate monitoring. This is the case of the new applications of Dahua Technology for the control of access of people to commercial establishments.

The indoor people flow control solution counts the number of customers or people within a place in real time. When the number of people exceeds the threshold established by the user, will remind people to wait outside as long as the system tells them to.

Monitoring solution detects body temperature in real time. People with higher than normal temperatures will be detected and will not be allowed to enter and will need a health professional review..

As well, Social distancing detection solution avoids close and physical contact to reduce the risk of cross contamination between staff and customers. When the distance between two people is less than the preset value, the system will remind staff to act accordingly.

"With the monitoring of body temperature and control of the flow of access to establishments, ‘Dahua Retail Epidemic Safety Protection Solution’ combines two AI-enabled technology benefits to deliver double value to businesses, helping to slow down the spread of the virus, while creating a safe shopping experience for customers ”, Peter Hu assured, Gerente Regional de Dahua Technology.

Dahua's thermal imaging camera enables highly accurate body temperature monitoring of ± 0.3 ℃ (with black body). With the built-in artificial intelligence algorithm, can simultaneously monitor a group of people from a distance of up to 3 meters, allowing quick and contactless access. When installed at the entrances of supermarkets and shopping centers, can help establishments conduct a preliminary screening of employees and customers with abnormal body temperature. Notify users to take appropriate action before temperatures change significantly, allowing the appropriate protocol and conducting a second verification by medical professionals if necessary.

For business establishments that require limited customer flow during the pandemic, Dahua AI people flow control solution can automatically and accurately calculate the number of people entering the store in real time. When the number of buyers exceeds the established value, the device will activate and show on the digital signage at the entrance of the store that the number of people inside is full. No additional employees needed to manually count customers at the door, which can help businesses reduce labor costs and improve their management efficiency.

Both, Dahua DSS software integrates all the information and functions in a single system, creating a central visualized platform for businesses to manage their stores, staff and customers more efficiently.

It is a cost-effective solution that offers various functions and long-term use for commercial establishments. This system allows companies to create commercial value after the pandemic. With smart business analytics features, can help them better understand their customers and adjust strategies based on statistics, such as customer profiles and preferences, traffic flow during peak hours, the impact of climate and temperature on customer flow, thus increasing the attractiveness of the store.