How is artificial intelligence helping to keep the world active in this 2020?

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The sector dedicated to the production of artificial intelligence is working tirelessly in the search for solutions that help to overcome the challenges that this new reality that the world is experiencing has imposed.

Machine learning technologies, they are the main pillar of artificial intelligence. These technologies allow to process large amounts of data or Big Data, to detect patterns.

In this way, this information can be used to predict future results., and extract other key contributions.

During this special period, both equipment and technological applications have played a relevant role in monitoring abnormal body temperatures.

These devices allow security officers to perform hundreds of checks in a few minutes, no need for direct contact.

Such is the case of Dahua Technology thermal cameras that allow high-precision body temperature monitoring of ± 0.3 ℃ with built-in artificial intelligence algorithm, simultaneously monitoring a group of people from a distance of up to 3 meters, allowing quick and contactless access.

"When installed at the entrances of supermarkets and shopping centers, can help establishments monitor employees and customers with abnormal body temperatures. Notify users to take appropriate action before temperatures change significantly, allowing the appropriate protocol and performing a second verification by medical professionals if necessary ", says Eng. Enrique Luna, Dahua Technology Technical Support and Training.

Also in this new scenario have emerged the robots that, thanks to artificial intelligence technologies they are being of great help, allowing to reduce contact between patients and medical team.

Some companies are using drones or robots to carry out deliveries or disperse disinfectants in public areas without the need for direct human intervention.. further, robots are being used to serve food and medicine to patients and to disinfect rooms, minimizing contact with hospital staff.

Alexander Carbonell, of the Panamanian Chamber of Technology CAPATEC points out that Panama can take advantage of all the technology that the world is using, adapt it to our context and get the most out of it. "There is so much to do, but at the same time great opportunities to apply models that are working efficiently in other countries ", states.

For example, contact tracing apps are being used widely in Asia, as well as in other regions like India, Italy and Israel, while other states are working on developing similar solutions. Although its operation varies, In general, they all start from the idea that it is possible to use mobile geolocation technologies to detect possible contacts of their owners with other possible positive cases.

Artificial intelligence "AI" has had a great impact in the fight against the pandemic, but beyond the pandemic, technology with the AI ​​component is here to stay and help create safer and smarter societies.