16 August, 2022

How to turn the crisis into opportunities for work teams and corporations?

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Both locally and globally, we live in times of great uncertainty that add a lot of anxiety, especially those of us who are responsible for making decisions that impact an entire organization. But nevertheless, In the midst of the crisis, opportunities always arise that can be fostered by applying strategies for managing work teams, brands and companies in general.

Corporations or entrepreneurship projects, they can not only be maintained in adverse situations, They can also grow if they receive the correct advice and take the right steps in their fields.

LEAD Consulting Corp. is a company dedicated to consulting and advising on issues related to the development and improvement of organizational effectiveness, as well as leadership development through support in structured processes that allow raising the level of performance in people and teams.

“We are associates of N.E.W.S. In Panama, Swiss-based company, more than 25 years of international experience, with partners in more than 40 countries, located in the 5 Continents, with a wide network of certified consultants and that has a proven methodology worldwide in companies from various sectors of the economy ", comments Luz María Cedeño of McLean, one of the founders of Lead Consulting Corp.

Luz María has a degree in Psychology with an MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources, Certified Coach and Facilitator in the N.E.W.S., owns more than 20 years of professional experience in the area of ​​Human and Organizational Development. He is a Leader in managing Change Management in transformation processes for local and multinational companies, as well as talent development and alignment processes of teams from various management areas with business strategies, definition of plans and actions to achieve organizational goals.

Light Maria Cedeño of McLean.

“The workplace changed with the pandemic, especially in the way of managing the human resources of a corporate structure, for this reason it is urgent to surround oneself with advisers who help them find the right way to get ahead ", says Indhira Moquete de Ramos, co-founder of Lead Consulting Corp..

Indhira Moquete de Ramos has a Degree in Marketing with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Certified Coach and Facilitator, owns more than 20 years of experience in business development, human management, and business administration in Latin America. She is a manager of solutions focused on the development of human resources strategies, sales, Customer experience, alignment of the Human Resources strategy with the business strategy and identification and development of talent.

When we are in difficult times is when we can bring out all that talent from our human resources. This, can certainly lead our corporations to success, regardless of the adverse scenario, Lead experts say.

Indhira Moquete de Ramos.

"We work on organizational development and leadership development, that allows continuous improvement in the teams of various corporations. We live in a new work era in which we must be creative and adapt to new circumstances so that companies can adequately reinvent themselves ", says Luz María Cedeño from McLean.

Good decisions are key in these times, for example, enhance the efficiency of the teams under the new teleworking modality. It means that there are great alternatives with structured training processes that can lead organizations to success and not just prevent them from disappearing, but rather that they grow in times of crisis.