Emergency committee WHO assesses situation that claimed coronavirus and 132 deaths

By Hector Murcia

The Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) analyzes in the last hours if necessary to declare an international health emergency because of the outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus.

According to official data, in less than a month, the disease has claimed the lives of 132 people and there are at least another 6,000 in several countries of the world who contracted the virus, detected in Wuhan, China.

WRs, said the Emergency Committee evaluated at this time everything related to the virus. It is anticipated that between Wednesday afternoon or Thursday early some kind of international public emergency declares.

For the moment, WHO officials said in a press conference, the recommendations made by the organization remain the last weekend, including activation of committees in countries, monitoring at airports and borders.

The coronavirus reached several countries, Of course people who were exposed to the virus in recent weeks in Wuhan and other cities in China, return to their countries of residence, carrying the virus without knowing.

Other countries affected

While WHO discusses the situation, in some countries and alarms they were activated as the virus is detected in its territory. In Germany, health authorities have confirmed the first case and study other possible infected patients.

As he reported by the German Ministry of Health, This is a man who had contracted the virus in a training course which also involved a woman, who had traveled to Shanghai.

Germany look closely this case, it also, this woman had been visited by their parents, who arrived in recent weeks from Wuhan, city ​​where the outbreak originated from the coronavirus.

further, this week also confirmed that the virus was detected in Australia, Cambodia and Canada. Meanwhile, US health officials said they fear that China is concealing the actual numbers of deaths and affected by the virus.