Photo: Chris Acevedo.
By Sergio Rodríguez and Alberto Barrera

Dallas – Before, during and after the soccer match between El Salvador and Mexico in the Gold Cup there was a party, sports hubbub and camaraderie between fans of both national teams. Our and Mexican people, mostly immigrants, who made it to the huge Cotton Bowl stadium in Dallas, Texas.

"Usually there have been fights, but it was a good atmosphere; as it should be", Sergio Rodríguez commented, narrator and sports commentator for the YSKL station, who sent him especially to cover the football event.

Outside and in the stands of the stadium, blue and green predominated, but on the court the white of the select team and the pink and black of the "tri", although his new jersey only has two colors and the inspiration of the textile art of the original Mexican peoples.

The intonation of the national anthem shook the stadium by the chorus of thousands of Salvadorans filled with pride and emotion. Roque Dalton drew it in his "Poem of Love" when he wrote: "Those who will cry drunk because of the national anthem ..." Many of us got goose bumps when we heard them sing at the top of our lungs.

Despite the defeat 0-1 of the select, Salvadorans did not decline at any time. They sang, they danced and waved flags, they wore their shirts with the national colors and the team members cheered.

Classic blue and white caps and Mexican hats, vinchas, as well as women and men wrapped in flags of both countries, they danced as they lined up to enter the stadium. There was no shortage of whistles that accommodated the sporting atmosphere of the celebration.

Only one incident was reported when two fans, one from each team, they got beaten up in the stands, slightly staining the good atmosphere.

Qualified for the second phase of the tournament, both teams were looking for the lead and put their efforts to achieve the three points, although the Salvadorans with the tie remained at the top of group A of the Cup.

The clashes between Salvadorans and Mexicans are historical, with a notable superiority of the northern neighbors, but there is always a thorn to remove. The victories of the select are counted and Mexico is a regional power and is seen with respect in friendly matches, tournaments or world cups, in which they have had important participations.

Salvadoran narrators and commentators, like José Hernández and former soccer player Mauricio Cienfuegos, on the sports channel TUDN of the Hispanic network Univisión, alluded that the majority presence of Guanacos fans was historical.

Normally Mexico is local in matches that it plays in the United States, but on Sunday night it was surpassed by El Salvador in the Cotton Bowl with capacity for 92,000 aficionados, but due to restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers only allowed a little more than 45,000 people.

Photo: Sergio Rodriguez.

A Mexican narrator from the same chain said it was a 60 percent of Salvadorans and 40 Percentage of Mexicans attending the meeting in which El Tri ended exhausted and almost giving up the leadership to the select that took great pains in the last 30 minutes of the meeting.

A free kick taken from outside the area by the left side, Alex Larin, was about to achieve parity with minutes from the end, but the ball went to the post against the paralyzed goalkeeper Talavera. Your opponent, the Salvadorian, Mario González was the most valuable player of the select.

The tournament continues and El Salvador is in the select group of the eight best-evaluated teams in Concacaf. Possibilities are measured before the qualifiers to represent the region in the World Cup to be held at the end of 2022 in Qatar.

Video: Sergio Rodriguez.
Video: Sergio Rodriguez.