11 August, 2022

Avianca Colombia investigates corruption and transnational bribery

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office raided the offices of the transnational airline Avianca this week, as part of an investigation following the authorities in a case of corruption and bribery.

Colombian authorities suspect that the company gave tickets to public officials in several countries to benefit and also sold tickets irregularly..

In august of last year, Avianca accepted in an official statement that the company was the subject of an investigation by the authorities of the United States Department of Justice “related to an alleged irregular issuance of tickets”.

The case is related to the international investigation that is being pursued against the aircraft construction giant Airbus. According to the authorities, the European company would have bribed officials from several countries to guarantee that they would buy its planes.

Airbus agreed this week with the British authorities, France and United States pay 4,000 million dollars in fines as part of assuming their responsibility for paying bribes in various countries for more than 15 years.