Collapses health system in Ecuador for coronavirus

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Guayaquil, It has become in recent days in the center of the coronavirus pandemic in South America. The images that are giving back to the world on the health situation in Ecuador, They are dramatic.

Ecuadorian authorities confirmed over 1,937 people infected with the virus only in the capital. The corpses are being collected from the streets, due to the collapse of the health system.

President Lenin Moreno, ordered the creation of a joint task group that is taking care of burying the deceased to prevent further infections.

According to reports from local media, people report that they have to stay home with the bodies of their relatives who die from the disease, because the authorities do not give Abasta with medical care.

Other reports indicate that, many people are not being treated because they are not performing the indicated test to determine if they are infected with covid-19.