Successful closure of the Surf City El Salvador ALAS Pro Tour 2021

The warm waters of Punta Roca beach, in the department of La Libertad, became the venue for this international meeting

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

This Sunday the continental tournament Surf City El Salvador ALAS Pro Tour closed 2021. They were four days of intense days that attracted more than 150 surfers of 15 different countries.

The warm waters of Punta Roca beach, in the department of La Libertad, became the venue for this international meeting, which is the last tournament of the 2021 of the Alas Pro Tour circuit.

Karim Sierralta, President of the Latin American Association of Professional Surfers (ALAS), highlighted that Salvadoran waters have become a traditional setting for closing the circuit; also, highlighted the level of coordination by the Government and the strengthening of tourism.

"They have turned this event, in a traditional event, we have gotten used to El Salvador, thank you very much to all; thanks to all the institutions that have made this possible. Above all, To the guys on the tour who made it a habit from this, a tradition; they demanded, they asked, they begged, they begged and here we are, closing the tour for the third year in a row, The minister has just informed that we are leaving for the fourth consecutive year, and this becomes a tradition; we are more than happy, and we all have in our hearts a little piece of El Salvador ", remarked the representative of ALAS.

Venezuelan Francisco Bellorin was crowned champion of the men's Open category, after a fairly disputed heat with the Peruvian Miguel Tudela, with a score of 16.83 in view of 15.24 respectively.

In the Women's Open category, Ecuadorian Dominic Barona took first place after winning with a score of 18.10, against the Peruvian Daniela Rosas who achieved an accumulated 10.27.

In the longboard category, Argentine Martín Pérez was crowned champion after defeating Tzahui Poo Vázquez, from Mexico; Dorian Torres placeholder image, from Costa Rica; and Manuel Selmal, From Chile.

While, the champion of the junior category was the Panamanian Tao Rodríguez, who surpassed Maximiliano Valiente, from Ecuador; Reed Platenius, from Canada; y Sam Reidy, from Costa Rica.