3 December, 2022

Five planets can be seen aligned in the sky during this month of June

Mercury conjunction, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible to the naked eye 30 minutes before sunrise

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the planets mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible aligned in the pre-dawn sky throughout the month of June. The spectacular formation can be seen with the naked eye with Mercury, closest to the sun, appearing lower on the horizon and Saturn higher. We will be able to witness a new astronomical event that happens every 18 years.

further, the 24 June the crescent moon will put on another show by sneaking into the pre-dawn lineup, appearing between venus and mars.

Although it is quite common to see two planets aligned (phenomenon known as conjunction), it is rare to see five planets aligned in their natural order. According to Sky & Telescope, The last time a conjunction of five planets could be seen with the naked eye was in December 2004.

Experts in the observation of the sky explained that, for the best views, people in the northern hemisphere will need to go outside a few 30 minutes before sunrise and have a clear eastern and southeastern horizon. In the southern hemisphere, all five planets will be visible before sunrise from a site with clear views of the eastern and northeastern horizon.

If the sky is clear, planets should be bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, although the image of Mercury will be fainter and binoculars or telescopes would be required to discover it. But, according to Sky & Telescope, a publication of the American Astronomical Society, At the end of june, Mercury will brighten significantly and appear higher in the sky, so it will be easier to see.