Five people are missing in a California wildfire

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The United States Authorities Are Searching For Five Missing Persons, as they try to control a huge wildfire that devastates Northern California and has already wiped out two small towns.

They called it Dixie and it is considered the largest active forest fire in the North American country., It is the third largest in California history and until Saturday it swept 180 thousand 782 hectares in four counties, beat the great bootleg fire, reported in southern Oregon.

Photo: Courtesy.

Firefighters have only controlled the 21% de Dixie, they hope that the drop in temperatures and the slowing down of the winds will help control the fierce fire, however current conditions will continue until Sunday.

"We expect the same behavior from the fire of yesterday, which was quite moderate ".

Jake Cagle, chief of a fire department revealed that the fire has already swept through the city of the gold rush in Greenville, While the little town of Canyondadm burns.

Plumas County Authorities Say They Are Looking For Five Missing Persons, after the discovery of another five who were missing was confirmed on Saturday.

They also urged the population living in the areas near the accident to evacuate; but nevertheless, there are many who complain and threatened rescuers with their weapons.

Dixie's trajectory to the northeast slowed and advanced through the area scorched by a previous fire, el Moonlight en 2007, which reduced flammable material, as detailed by firefighters.

Although some 5 a thousand people are working to control the fire, this is how large flames and smoke in the air are visible from space.