Close bars and restaurants in the United States by coronavirus. Trump advised not to hold meetings

Photo courtesy of the White House

America today hardened action measures to control the spread of the coronavirus in the country. From the White House, President Donald Trump asked the public not to make meetings more than ten people.

“Our government is doing everything necessary to stop this problem. Avoid gathering in groups of more than ten people”, the president said during a press conference.

In some states and District of Columbia, the US capital, the mayor and governors are taking their own half.

From Monday the authorities in Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut y Maryland, ordered closing bars, tabernas, restaurants, gyms and sites, where many people congregate.

Photo VD Carmen Rodriguez

Measure, takes effect on Monday afternoon and he said the mayor of DC, Kuril Bowser, District authorities are met and verify that businesses continue to operate, They could lose their operating licenses.

“As part of the actions that this office is taking and the recommendations of the health authorities, It has decided to close bars, restaurants, gyms, churches and other centers to avoid the risk of contagion”, Bowser told a conference in the city.

Meanwhile, a Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan, He announced the same measure on Monday morning. In both states, classes are temporarily suspended.

And New York, until now, the state most affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, Governor Andrew Cuomo, He was ahead of the closure of these places. And he told local media that his office is working to implement other measures.

Cuomo said the state is considering suspending the school year to prevent students return to school without the spread of the virus is fully controlled.

The latest official figures nationwide, indicate that there have been 4,392 positive cases, more of 600 cases are in New York; while 17 in Washington DC 75 deaths.