Italian scientist on coronavirus: “The hypothesis of artificial creation is cinematographic”

By Engelbert Maldonado

Milan, Italy. The hypothesis spread by people like the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier and others who say that the Covid-19, is a virus created in laboratories in China, is skewed by scientists this week.

“It is not even correct that the media take it up as news”, said the Italian scientist, Massimo Clementi, also, He is a virologist and microbiologist from the Vita-Salute San Rafaele University and who participated in the study of the Sar Covid virus 2 in a hospital in Rome and one in Milan.

“In all the genetic analyzes done so far, there is nothing of everything they say about the artificiality of the virus. The sum of the evidences found attest to the natural origin of the virus”, stated the scientist, on an Italian radio.

The Sar Covid virus 2 is great compared to others, able to combine in the natural environment, explained the expert. “In the bat, hostel of more than 60 coronavirus species, among them the one in question, it may be that there have been genetic combinations with other viruses, but colleagues and I have found no evidence. The scientific community converges with us”, Clementi assured.

And continued: “The most important key to know the origin of the virus is to identify how its surface structure develops., that is to say the protein “F”, that reacts with cell receptors. If he intercepts perfect, the contagion happens, and this virus intercepts very well”.

An artificial virus is always made from a natural one, it is necessary to extract a portion and introduce another, and in this case there is no evidence, about, said the scientist.

“The artificial creation hypothesis is suggestive, cinematographic”, considered Massimo Clementi.

Clementi also said there is no evidence to indicate that in the latest studies, some micro organism has been used to create a virus, with the intention of trying it or spreading it in the world. But nevertheless, the scientist pointed out that they are still analyzing the way in which this disease spread rapidly around the world.

“We do not know if the transmission was direct from the bat to the human, or if it happened like in the Sar 2003 who used the intermediation of other animals. Or if the virus in question adapted to other species and then passed on to our race, we are studying it”, argued the expert.

Despite the ignorance of transport to humans, “it does not weaken in any way the thesis of the natural origin of Sar Covid 2”, Clementi pointed out.