17 August, 2022

One hundred years later, even the cry of independence is heard in South Korea

Martial artists "The Korea Association Isinsabanmuye gyeongdang".
By Rocío Rivas

This day, It marks the centenary since the Korean people began their struggle for the liberation of their homeland, during the Japanese occupation, which it lasted about 35 years.

In August 1910, Korea was occupied by the Japanese Empire, He is seeking to expand its domain. He went to the 15 August 1945, He is gaining independence, after the Japanese surrender in World War II.

Precisely at noon 1 March 1919, It was carried out the movement known as “Cry for March First Independence”.

celebrations in Seoul, Cheong-Gyegwangjang.

Korean Peninsula, with those living in other parts of the world shouted peacefully demanding freedom.

This fact was violently appeased by the Japanese invaders, blinding thousands of lives. Some leaders and activists of the Korean peninsula escaped to China, where they formed an alliance with the nationalist government of this country.

One hundred years later, Koreans still screaming: “Long live the independence and liberation of Korea!”, and performing various activities in all places where there are Korean residents.

An example of it, is the march on the morning of 1 March by the inhabitants of the city of Hwasoeng, in the department of Gyeonggi-do in South Korea.

“Always shout that cry that day, without forgetting”, says this commemorative banner.

Traditional white robes, their flags and even mounted horsemen, They walked the streets of their city to remember the struggle and thank all martyrs have given their lives to achieve freedom of future generations.

March held in the city of Hwasoeng, Gyeonggi-do department, South Korea.