Salvadoran bicyclist travels over 12 thousand kilometers to Patagonia

"Get out of my comfort zone has taught me to appreciate how much or little I have in El Salvador".

Miraculously Vallecillos

Salvadoran cyclist Harold Pineda travel over Fares 12 thousand kilometers for almost a year to fulfill his dream of reaching Ushuaia in Argentina Patagonia by bicycle, on a tour stretching from his native country which he left the 4 May to southern Africa.

His goal is treasuring new experiences that allow you to be a better person, visit places, and make new friends, and in the future teach other young Salvadorans who with effort and dedication can achieve dreams.

For three years the young English teacher prepared which considers the "adventure of a lifetime" attention to detail to ensure the success of the voyage, even he saved all he could to finance themselves as the journey in the first month took him across the Central American land.

In Panama he stopped for several days to regain strength, maintain your traveling companion under the patronage of friends and Rali Store, and seek solidarity support before resuming the journey by air to Colombia.

"My experience has been unique and unexpected, because here (Panama) I made new friends to advance my trip, literally, Panama was 'my bridge to the world' networks and contacts ", said the cyclist.

Fares Pineda hopes that if all goes as planned, in February 2020 reach its final destination in Argentine territory, after visiting Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

One of his big dreams as told is to visit the historic site of Machu Pichu in Peru, not only to know one place but to explore new realities and take forces.

Harold began pedaling when he was just a child, and it was his father who gave him his first bike. From very young he had in mind touring the continent as a cyclist, but nevertheless, it was in 2017 during a trip to Guatemala that reconfirmed that was his most cherished dream.

The athlete travels on a standard bicycle was prepared to carry personal effects used during the trip, and bought used their own efforts.

Support young

Beyond the cycling adventure, Harold explained that his main interest is to help young people through their experience, because since he started the journey has grown as a person.

"Get out of my comfort zone has taught me to appreciate how much or little I have in El Salvador, It has taught me to love and to flow, I am learning, especially, to be thankful and not pay attention to negative and insignificant things ", he claimed.

Harold Cruise has also been vital to develop your skills as a motivational coach, which means that it is "learning to channel all physical energy, mental and spiritual with everyday experiences that I have with people I know in my journey to Patagonia ", said the athlete.

He also reported that writes a book that talks plans to offer young people in the first instance of El Salvador, and then extend it to other nations to help them believe in their dreams and show them that anything is possible if you believe and fight for their ideals.

If you want to collaborate with the athlete can contact him by subscribing to your channel “Fares on Trip”, either to offer messages of support or any other kind of sponsorship on its way.