China: violation of human rights and coronavirus

Opinion column, collaboration Voice of Diaspora, Pinkas Zarko cf., The Savior

The Chinese Communist regime is a totalitarian dictatorship. Controls all aspects of individual freedoms, including who's talking, what they say and when they say something. This must be made clear before discussing the subject of this dictatorship, institutionalized violation of human rights and coronavirus- COVID19.

Masks of the Chinese regime

Any information or statement out of Communist China not valid without independent verification from other media or human rights organizations, as Amnesty International and is the great advantage of the Chinese dictatorship, then check the truth or lie under any dictatorial regime is very difficult.

That's why reading the statement that “The epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia occurred in China in Wuhan… but that does not mean that its origin is in Wuhan”, expressed by Dr. Zhong Nanshan, leader of a unit of experts appointed by China to address the crisis of the COVID19, we made it clear that the communist regime seeks to try to take their historical responsibility for this global crisis.

These statements come at a time when China has decreased pandemic and a confrontation with the US government for conspiracy accusations made by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Zhao Lijian.

Lijian said in a tweet that the US lacked transparency and blamed US military to bring the coronavirus to the city of Wuhan. An action expected of the Chinese communist regime to divert attention from its responsibility for the global spread of this disease.

Likewise, the Chinese regime has begun to try to manipulate public opinion with his best face capitalist millionaire Jack Ma, richest man in a communist country, become the Good Samaritan to donate millions to fight against the virus.

China has managed to play well amid the stench of the virus. First, propagandistic megaphone shouting with his recipes to curb severe COVID19 worked internally. Then he touched has filled the facade of solidarity using Jack Ma to try to mitigate the global nuisance by the spread of the virus from their borders.

But the point is that the massive outbreak began in Wuhan, thus, the responsibility lies with the Chinese government for not effectively controlled the spread of the COVID19 outside its borders.

As previously noted, the Chinese government monitors everything that happens in that country at the level of human control and failure to implement a complete shutdown of outlets was what led to the advancement of the coronavirus to other countries. In China, the state is the one who handles all the movements of its citizens by any form of violation of human rights and is this the digital censorship, the imprisonment of critics, the threat, the lack of freedom of expression and persecution of dissent.

China has spent decades making actions of violation of human rights as its segracionista policy toward Muslim minorities such as the Uighurs who according to Amnesty International: "In the last year it has intensified government campaign of mass internment, intrusive surveillance, political indoctrination and forced cultural assimilation against people of ethnic Uighur and Kazakh and members of other ethnic groups in the region, mostly Muslims.

Most families of detainees know the fate of their loved ones and are often afraid to speak out. ", You can read Internet portal that organization.

The Chinese regime has a history of hiding the truth of human violations as it was in the purges of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966 until 1976), the occupation of Tibet and subsequent repression and the case of the massacre in Tiananmen Square 1989. Such actions can be read further portal Amnesty International who has been in charge for years to expose the truth about social reality, political and human rights who has lived and Chinese citizens living.

Return to Oran and plague

No culprits in the sea of ​​plague, and there are no islands in it, However, do exist responsibilities. The reality is that now everyone is experiencing panic against a disease that sprouted like epidemic in China and all the economic strength of the Asian giant, He has left thousands dead and affected.

As well as, in the novel The Plague by Albert Camus, Pestilence that lashed the city of Oran is no longer a fiction, It is a reality that will leave thousands dead and psychological damage, social, economic factors that affect all countries and underdeveloped nations for years.

While the government of Xi Jinping tries to cover up reality with conspiracy accusations and public relations with their less repressive faces like Jack Ma his inability to stop the outflow of carriers of the virus to the world, companies from other countries are facing a disease that comes from abusive practices on nature itself.

"The China market has typical fruits and vegetables, beef cuts, pork and lamb, plucked whole chickens (with heads and peaks), as well as crabs and fish living, which shed motorized water tanks. Some markets sell more unusual things, as live snakes, turtles and cicadas, whose, bamboo rats, badgers, hedgehogs, otters, civets and even palm trees wolflings ".

"Markets are characteristic of several Chinese cities, and now, at least for the second time in two decades, They have been the source of an epidemic that has spread fear, overwhelmed the bureaucracy of the Communist Party and exposed epidemiological risks that can arise in places where converge humans and wildlife ".

This was drafted the 27 Jan. Giulia Marchi, reporter for The New York Times.

By that date, Gao Fu, director of the National Center for Control and Prevention of China Disease, He had accepted that there were illegal sales of wild animals in that place, but he avoided confirming that the coronavirus outbreak is of animal origin.

Marketing of meat from these animals, jointly contribute to the destruction of habitats, It develops that humans have an increasingly direct contact with the virus who are carriers and may spread rapidly in our ultra-connected world, He explained Peter Daszak, President de EcoHealth Alliance, institution specializing in the prevention of infectious diseases.

This culture of animal abuse and edible consumption is what PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – discussed in an article published on its website. To PETA "public health experts believe that COVID-19 originated in “wet market” in China, where vendors sell live and dead animals for human consumption. COVID-19 is similar to outbreaks of SARS and MERS: the three spread from animals to humans. "

Little control consumption bushmeat by the Chinese regime shows its zero interest to avoid this practice which had already led to the transmission of diseases of animal origin to humans. This is another criticism that can be made to the same Chinese culture in their habits zero respect for animals, something permitted by the authorities of that country . This involves increasing risks to human health and have led to illnesses such as SARS coronavirus or transmitted.

The apocalypse?

Beyond where exactly the coronavirus COVID19-emerged, the responsibility of the Chinese regime is clear from its very essence as authoritarian dictatorship that is. The clarity of the facts since the start of the massive outbreak to date allow us to draw an epicenter which is Wuhan.

The lack of transparency of the actions of the Chinese authorities with the implementation of censorship to the international press and organizations shows how the treatment and the disease can be criticized, since it allowed to spread throughout the world.

It is not an apocalypse, but the semantic term that comes closest to the global crisis caused by this pestilence ranging from the crisis in health systems, the social and economic impact and human weaknesses that uncovers in societies.

human weaknesses that are exposed in massive behaviors such as emptying supermarkets convulsively and selfishness of the man himself when respecting the rules issued to stop or mitigate the progression of this disease.

Mankind has always feared her death and pain rightly. Pests are those that teach us that we can be as ephemeral. Under pestilence and all-encompassing symbolic stench, man falls into account how vulnerable is against a virus.

When will this pandemic? I really do not know for sure, because pests always leave their mark on the history and coronavirus leave a huge mark on the global social and historical memory in a world where we are all the real victims and not the governments of the great empires economic.