3 February, 2023

Chile and the children of Pinochet

Special collaboration for Voice of the Diaspora Zarko Pinkas

Since the beginning of the social demonstrations against the Sebastián Piñera regime in October 2019, I have had the opportunity to see real videos and read news from verified media about the actions of the military and police against the protesters.

In addition to the reports of people who have suffered from the repression and the investigations of various human rights NGOs and independent media on the events that take place in Chile.

This has made clear to me something that I have always exposed in other analyzes and conversations about the Chilean reality in the political sphere.: The Chilean extreme right always ends up yearning for dictatorship and repression to solve social problems.

When you finish reading and contrasting the reports on the Chilean situation, I immediately remembered the arrogance and lack of humanism of the Chilean fascist right during the dictatorship and it made it clear to me that even though the dog died, the rage did not end; that is to say, Pinochet never died but reincarnated.

The right wing proved that it only wore a mask of renewal and its human speeches were always a lie. This sector of Chilean society could never digest the defeat of the plebiscite of 1988 and less their minority role in society. Favored with an undemocratic Constitution, they won years of impunity together with their political allies from the Armed Forces and Carabineros.

A friend told me: Have you talked to a milico or paco who is not a fascist or far-right?? Never, I replied.

That way, Years passed and the Concertación governments were only witnesses and administrators of a democracy watched from the barracks. Nor Patricio Aylwin, Eduardo Frei, Ricardo Lagos and less Michelle Bachelet were able to carry out structural reforms for fear of awakening the sleeping beast of fascism that lives in the political genes and cultures of the military and the carabineros.

A beast that stuck out its claws as they did during the capture of Pinochet in London and when they pressured human rights violators like the "beast" Contreras to stay in almost five-star hotels, Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko and the entire entourage of criminals in uniform. The Concertación was always part of a failed governance, which was evidenced in the riots of this October 2019.

Straight to the point and without so much fearful analysis, the Chilean right has a fascist and repressive streak, which is historical and they have not been able to get out, it is the best benefit to be able to govern under an economic and political model based on human exploitation, the unfair distribution of wealth, classism and dehumanization. Now when the social pot exploded they do the only thing they know how to do: repress by violent means.

The military and carabinieri are an integral part of the vision of the right, its superior commanders are part of that class elite and added to the great German contribution of Nazism-Fascism in the philosophy of the Prussian education of the military, we have as a result a hybrid: the glorious repressive bodies of the state.

The most democratic groups that think that the repressive and brutal mentality of the military and police can be changed are wrong. They will not be able to modify that role towards social and repressive violence, because the problem is that they were never defeated by the revolutionary way.

There was no civil war that led to a military defeat or tie as in the case of Nicaragua under the Sandinista National Liberation Front or the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front in El Salvador where there was a pattern of military attrition that led to a negotiation.

Pinochet was defeated in the plebiscite, but not in the historical memory of his most rancid followers such as José Antonio Kast to mention the most toxic along with the majority who are part of the UDI and RN.

These people promote social hatred with hordes of trolls on social networks calling for violence towards citizens who demonstrate, They use classism to qualify as broken, shabby, criminals or terrorists to the majority who fight for a worthy Chile.

These same followers of Kast and "San Pinochet" celebrate violence and laugh at people who have been left with eye damage for life, just as they made fun of the disappeared during the dictatorship.

Personally, I do not feel any sympathy with any social group in power (either the Chavista regime of Maduro and currently Piñera in Chile) that occupies the armed institutions as thugs and loosen the leash to go against civilians and not against criminals who take advantage of the citizen claim process.

Suspicious is that these vandals have such a well-created logistics to outwit what is considered the best army in Latin America and Carabineros de Chile with years of experience in controlling "mobs". This makes clear a clear incapacity in the area of ​​control of organized crime that has emerged at this time and that has no relationship with protests and citizen mobilizations.

The army and the carabinieri are politicized arms without any possibility of changing their way of seeing civilians as those they must protect. They are not going to modify that fascist education and those who come to govern a new Chile should know that the only solution is to abolish the army and dismantle the police and replace it with a new civilian-oriented security body.

That way, an army that is a huge economic expense and whose only military role is to carry out coups d'état is cut off from the roots, serve as a letter of threat from the fascists and brutally repress their own citizens.

President Piñera himself expressed: "We are at war" and without a doubt that for him and the social caste he represents is like that and these words are connected to his reasoning that the Armed Forces and Carabineros will always be the armed wing, not of Chile., but from the fascist right that Sebastián Piñera now represents.