Financial aid check in the US could reach until September

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The check, It is containing the financial assistance approved by the government of Donald Trump for US residents, You could reach the beneficiaries until mid-September, so said Thursday Analysis Committee White House.

But nevertheless, Some could receive the first checks in the first half of April, as he confirmed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS for its acronym in English).

People who registered with the IRS or are in the records because they pay taxes and bank accounts are registered with the institution, They are the first checks could receive financial assistance from the Government.

The IRS also confirmed, that in the coming days will be disbursed 60 millions of dollars, Iran to US residents or direct deposits. While in the next 20 weeks, the institution expects to deliver at least 100 million checks.

According to official information, beginnings of May, the institution will open an online portal, for people to update their banking information to receive in this way the support of the government.

Disbursement of the Government to support its citizens and residents through health crisis, caused by covid-19 varies according to residents.

According unmarried people could receive up 1,200 Dollars; while marriages 2,400 dollars and an extra fund 500 dollars for each minor family.