16 August, 2022

Salvadoran Chef stands out among the best chefs in the United States

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora
Alvarez reports Olimpia / Photos courtesy: Jeovani O Franco

In September 2001 Jeovani O Franco, a Salvadoran Highlights, He emigrated to the United States. This year, he did not imagine that his 34 years would become a successful chef in Nebraska let alone highlight in the food industry in a country with high standards in the culinary arts.

O Franco left the northern department of Chalatenango. Their way, like that of many immigrants, It was not easy.

Obstacles and challenges I had to overcome, fear of deportation and extreme cold, They did not stop. The way to overcome construction began in, and later, when he got his work permit, his dream of being the best in the kitchen materialized.

Since coming to work in the culinary industry, he sought to perfect its season. At 2014 He won the award for best employee of the year at the Ameristar casino. The following year, at 2015 He won three titles as champion of the best sauces.

In 2017, He won two more achievements in various competitions Champions kitchen; that same year he traveled to other states of the American union and brought more awards Nebraska and the enormous satisfaction of having worthily represented their country, The Savior.

One year later, in 2018, He was crowned in five competitions and was among the best chefs in the North American country. And this year, 2019, it began with the right foot to poach the title "The Blended Burger battle" in the city of Omaha.

O Franco competed with the best chefs in the country. Everyone had to work out the best burger, a typical dish in United States, and it was the recognition Salvadoran who judges took.

for October, This Chalateco has set a goal to get first place in competition “Culinary Fest” In Chicago. Competition looks forward and which prepares hard to give one more victory to his beloved homeland.

O Franco described as a specialist in Chinese cooking, Italian, americana, Cuban and of course in El Salvador. The young Salvadoran believes that now that he has found his passion cooking, You are fortunate to enjoy what you do every day and be a reference for all his countrymen.