Central America and Mexico ... history of brotherhood in patriotic parade

The Nahilea and Christian Mejia children, ten to five years, respectively, and cousin Ashley Alvarez, of seven, proudly display the blue and white. photo VD: María Teresa Pérez.
By Maria Teresa Perez

Under a blazing sun, United, Central America and Mexico celebrated the 198 Independence anniversary with a parade that graced the heart of the city of Houston, Texas, in United States.

International Fiestas Patrias Parade, in the space city, united people of Honduras, The Savior, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

Really, a civic party where the bright colors of the flags, dresses and other clothes made civic forget, at least, moment, the challenges facing Latino communities in the Trump was.

The activity occurred quoted officials, police authorities, firefighters, politicians, artists and community leaders. These last, mainly they are fighting for anti-immigrant government policies.

Voice of Diaspora spoke with Harris County Judge, Lina Hidalgo, who showed their pride in being Latina and celebrate national holidays with their community.

the official, especially, He extolled the joy and solidarity, according to her, in difficult times, the Hispanic community has shown to help each other.

Likewise, expressed concern, "These difficult times" mainly by laws promoted by the Executive, which, his trial, They are a threat to all immigrants, but especially for the Latino community.

The official called Hispanics to remain united and, always proud of their roots, while congratulated those attending the parade.

While, the General Consul of El Salvador in Houston, Nancy Guevara, He expressed his satisfaction with the response of Salvadorans assistance to civic activity.

He stressed the sense of unity and expressed satisfaction to see a united people, strong. "It feel so good, very pretty", the official said.

Ashley Alvarez, seven years, dice: “I do not know El Salvador, but I like it because there was born my mom”. photo VD: María Teresa Pérez.
Judge Lina Hidalgo, shares with Salvadoran children, Nahilea and Christian Mejia, and Ashley Alvarez, under the patriotic parade, in Houston, Texas. photo VD: María Teresa Pérez.