17 August, 2022

Hundreds of migrants are delivered in unison on the border of El Paso for shelter

By Diego Murcia

Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas, He has taken custody of more than 700 migrants during Tuesday night and early Wednesday this week. This is the largest group of undocumented people has surrendered voluntarily to US immigration authorities in recent months.

Beside the marabunta, Migration identified two sex offenders removed the country above, those who are denied entry.

These groups, like many others before, They are mainly composed of Central American families and unaccompanied youth.

Deliveries and subsequent arrests were made by groups. First, a total of 112 illegal aliens, It was identified in the border fence near the city center, just after midnight. Almost at the same time, agents working farther east were processing a group of 252 foreigners detained at the border west of Bowie High School.

Throughout the morning, several smaller groups also reached many sectors along the border in El Paso metropolitan area. In just a few hours, the total number of detainees exceeded 500 souls. A child 2 years, unaccompanied, He was also found in one of the groups. The United States Border Patrol is currently working with national and international agencies to locate the child's parents.

While they grappled with this influx of illegal aliens, immigration agents arrested the two convicted sex offenders, They are trying to enter the country taking advantage of the confusion that the arrival of these contingents of migrants at the border caused. Both subjects were arrested to be identified. The detainees had been convicted of sexual offenses, and they had spent time in prison before being deported from the United States.

Agents in the Far East El Paso County, also they arrested a group of six, in which it was discovered that a subject, US citizen 28 year old, self-proclaimed member of a prison gang, He had a federal detention order pending because of leakage. The subject has a long criminal record, and he was remanded to the custody of the Marshals Service United States. The other five detainees are being processed accordingly.

On Tuesday, CBP published data detailing the number of unacceptable record of arrests households across the border. The data showed the largest increase in the El Paso sector, where family groups increased 1,689% compared with the same period last year.