La Bermeja Cemetery in San Salvador, has taken a turn in its history

La Bermeja Cemetery. Photo: Courtesy of the Municipal Mayor of San Salvador.

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

Hidden stories in El Salvador, “The Bermeja” the cemetery of the excluded in the great San Salvador, I go back to the second half of the last century when the dead were subject to social exclusion, later they were a big business for funeral homes.

The cemetery of the capital city “The Bermeja” it was the destined place for the poor dead of extreme poverty, that many times were buried wrapped in “petates, because the people did not even have to buy a crude box for the dead, bury a deceased in this holy field, it was a stigma for the middle class.

Graves decorated on All Souls' Day. Photo: CEO. Milagro Orellana.

The patients who died in the National Rosales hospital and were not claimed, were buried in “The Bermeja” as strangers, Either the corpses went to the School of Medicine of the University of El Salvador, for subsequent anatomical study or surgery.

This cemetery, at that time it did not receive the attention or care of the municipality of the city of San Salvador, it was a distant and forgotten place, and the dead, buried there, they were not seen again because it was difficult to find the graves, well they had no crosses, and the terrain was rough.

With the pandemic, the sanitary protocol has been increased to avoid the spread of the virus.
Photo: CEO. Luis Alberto López.

Today “The Bermeja” looks different, it is no longer a shame to bury relatives there, despite its modernization and care, it is still the cemetery of the poor.