5 October, 2022

Virtual celebration: Salvadoran Day in Los Angeles, California

Salvadoran folk dance. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.
By Milagro Orellana

The United States declared the 6 of August, As the "Salvadoran Day" in honor of your financial contribution, social and political to the North American nation, thanks to a resolution issued by the Federal Congress in the year 2016.

Each city celebrates Salvadoran traditions in different ways, this year the residents of the state of California, Who during 25 years have celebrated the August fair in the emblematic and historic MacArthur Park, that by tradition the cuscatlecos have gathered to celebrate the Salvadoran Day.

Last face-to-face celebration of the Augustine fair in the 2019 in MacArthur Park. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

But nevertheless, in the year 2020 This holiday was spoiled due to the Covid pandemic 19, due to biosecurity restrictions and protocols where outdoor events were suspended.

It should be noted that the organizations representing the Salvadoran communities decided to hold the event and innovate with technology, This is how the first virtual fair in agostina is held in the golden state.

video CEO: Milagro Orellana.

Despite the pandemic still hitting humanity, talents and musical artists from different countries joined the festivity to delight the public and make the sadness of the onslaught of the health crisis forget a bit, remembering with their melodies, customs, traditions, joys and nostalgias of the August celebration in El Salvador through virtual platforms.

Salvadoran folk dance. video CEO: Milagro Orellana.
Los Rudos de la Cumbia in East Los Angeles.
video CEO: Milagro Orellana.
Miguel Jiménez and his group Cumbia Show, made up of Salvadorans, Colombians and Mexicans.
video CEO: Milagro Orellana.