Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Jineth bedoya: a Colombian journalist seeking justice

By José Luis Benítez In this episode a part of the testimony of the Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima before the ...

Internal fortress, innovation and self-control, the formula for success

Mariana Atencio, International Speaker. Writing Voice of the Diaspora The host, author and international speaker, Mariana Atencio will dictate for free..

The 20 Moments for the Woman of the 2020

Recognition of 20 Equality initiatives or policies that favor participation in the social context to some extent..

Women were the most violated in the last year, according to the FBI

By Maria T. Morales A report on crimes during 2019, published this week, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by...

Todos con Voz launches "You are not alone" campaign

Writing Voice of the Diaspora All with Voice, a movement that seeks to make visible, sensitize and train about rights..

Violence against women journalists in Latin America

En este episodio se presentan algunos hallazgos del informe "Mujeres Periodistas y Libertad de Expresión" (2018) prepared by the ...

Women firefighters win lawsuit for sexual harassment and discrimination

The city of Houston, Texas, should have paid $342 thousand 500 after reaching a conciliation agreement with the victims, who waited ...

International Girl's Day

The priority of investment in their education and comprehensive protection, basis for breaking the cycle of poverty

In Spain they find the body of a woman in the trunk of her car

By Dennis Aguillón A woman of approximately 33 year old, of South American origin and with Spanish nationality, was found ...

Rejection of controversial sexist cartel in Spain

By Dennis Aguillón Since the emergence of social networks, you can easily go viral a news, be good, bad ...