Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A sad return for a Salvadoran family

Photo: Courtesy. By Deysi Domínguez The Savior - On a flight from 8:30 de la noche se espera que aterrice...

Let's talk about wellness and natural products to strengthen our immune system = 4hfnFkQakEg&t = 14s Meet Sara Figueroa, wellness coach to help keep your body healthy, using elements completely ...

Our Salvadoran journalists around the world salute the homeland VD Edition: Hector Murcia.

EE. US expands shelter plan for Central American children

Photo: Courtesy. By Maria T. Morales USA - All those people who live under certain legal conditions in the ....

El Salvador marches against the dictatorship

Salvadorans attended the march of the 15 September to show disagreement with the measures taken by the government..

Pending judicial resolution maintains automatic extension of TPS

Evelyn Hernandez, TPS Alliance Coordinator in Los Angeles, California. photo VD: Milagro Orellana. By Maria T. Morales None...

Salvadorans in Madrid commemorate the Independence of El Salvador

Celebration of the independence day of El Salvador, in Madrid. photo VD: Dennis Aguillón. By Dennis Aguillón

Between protests and failures, trial of bitcoin begins in El Salvador

protests, technical failures and confusion is what is experienced in El Salvador due to the approval of the cryptocurrency. Photo: Courtesy...

Panama consolidates the largest ship registry in the world

Photo: Courtesy. Writing Voice of the Diaspora Panama - Along the 28 years, the Panama Ship Registry..

Tuesday, 7 September Bitcoin law enters into force in El Salvador

Photo: Courtesy. Writing Voice of Diaspora The Savior - This Tuesday, 7 September, the Bitcoin Law enters into force..