Captured in Honduras to alleged ringleader of MS

Photographs published by the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández in his Twitter account.
For Recinos Kriscia

It happened in Tegucigalpa. Carlos Alberto Alvarez, alias "El Cholo Houston" was captured at his residence, located in an exclusive area. Housing several valuable items were found.

They were seized one million lempiras, equivalent to about 40 thousand dollars in cash, along with fine liquors and jewelry, among other belongings.

Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernández, He celebrated the "crushing blow" to one of the most terrorize northern triangle countries criminal groups. "Even under the stones we are going to look, capture and send to prison ", the president added.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, near 7 thousand people make up the Barrio 18, five thousand belong to the Mara Salvatrucha in Honduras. While the local police estimated that a total of 25 thousand criminals belong to these groups.

Gangs in Honduras live drug and increased levels of violence in the Central American country, according to authorities.

Since 2013 rate register 79 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants.