Capture in El Salvador following U.S. visas woman offered in social networks

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

José María Sánchez Carranza, He was arrested by the Salvadoran authorities, who they accuse her of offering US visas in social networks.

According to the Salvadoran police, the woman used a false profile on social networks to promote such “economic and fast” the obteción of US visa.

Carranza Sánchez, of 28 years, was arrested in the eastern part of the country, police said, woman charged $150 people through a process that did not exist and will be charged with computer crimes.

According to research, one of the victims said the woman contacted him on Facebook, using a profile of a man named “Oscar Zelaya”. In messages, offered the US document valid for two years.

The woman, allegedly he told his victim who had contacts in the US Embassy, in El Salvador thanks to his international career as an artist, which it was also false.

To continue processing course, Zelaya demanded that the applicant deposit the money in the account of his supposed lawyer, Maria Jose.
But nevertheless, Once the consignment, the course “Oscar Zelaya” blocking access to the victim and then disappeared network profile.

Research continues to determine whether José María impersonating “Oscar Zelaya” or if there are other people who they have helped consummate con.

It is noteworthy that for the crime in question, the now detained could purge a penalty 2 a 5 years, as regulated in Article 10 Act Cybercrime.