Candidates for the presidency of El Salvador discussed no new proposals at the National University

By Carmen Rodriguez

This Sunday, three of the four candidates for president of El Salvador presented some of their proposals in a debate organized by the National University. The most notable absentee was Najib Bukele, GANA candidate for the party, who excused himself from participating, He is arguing that the event lacked impartiality.

The event passed without surprises. The most important issue for Salvadorans, the security, bet games left and right focus on youth. On the one hand Hugo Martínez, FMLN said dialogue with young people to create successful solutions. While Carlos Calleja, of sand, He said that the most important is the creation of opportunities for this sector.

Joshua Alvarado, presidential candidate by the party Vamos, He used the time of their interventions tell stories or stories of people who, according to him, has met during field visits his campaign. But nevertheless, He not presented any concrete proposals that run in his government plan if elected.

After finishing the debate, leftist Hugo Martínez, He rejected any possibility of any dialogue with gang, as did the government of Mauricio Funes 2012. "I can not sit down and talk with someone who has 25 murders on his back ".

Meanwhile, Carlos Calleja, He stressed in one of his speeches, during the debate, that between any proposals contemplated, some dialogue "with organized crime bosses" or gang leaders. "We need to invest in youth, no more heavy-handed, no more repression ", he pointed.

The discussion focused on three axes: Economy, Education and Safety, three topics of interest for Salvadorans.

Martínez, candidate for the ruling party, He noted that one of their goals in education is to ensure that the state invests at least 6% Gross Domestic Product of the country in the education system, proposal also made during his campaign the incumbent president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

Educational bet right candidate, It is based on creating a system that "lift" since childhood education, to focus the teaching of English language and also, develop curricula with a view to using technology.

At the end of the event, the leftist candidate referred to the work he did as chancellor of the country and urged Salvadorans to take into account when voting. Calleja, the rightist, He asked that his work be judged based on their actions and not the mistakes he made his party, referring to corruption cases.