17 August, 2022

Deputy candidate offers help to young woman attacked with her baby in her arms

The aggressor has already been captured by the authorities..

Tweet from Berta Deleón. Source: (Twitter).
By Dennis Aguillón

The lawyer and candidate for deputy for the Nuestro Tiempo party, Bertha María Deleón offered her support in the face of the aggression and violence suffered by a young mother by her partner.

The discussion would have been for not giving the password of his cell phone and the images quickly went viral on social networks.

In the video you can see a subject physically and psychologically assaulting the woman who is holding her daughter.

Mario Salinas, alleged aggressor. Source: (Twitter).

In the video of 2 minutes, the aggressor insists that his wife (Tatiana) provide you with the phone password.

The fight got to the point that Mario Salinas, (aggressor) threatens and hits the victim regardless of whether the young woman is carrying a newborn baby.

The reactions were not long in coming, by users, collectives and defenders of human rights and protection of women and children.

The National Civil Police has already captured the aggressor.

Mario Salinas was captured. Source: PNC