Foreign Minister of El Salvador recommends "drastic" measures against Venezuela at the OAS

Photo: @Cancilleriasv
By Yaneth Estrada

The government of El Salvador, by Alexandra Hill Chancellor Tinoco estimated reinforcements important to strengthen dialogue and reach substantive agreements in Nicaragua, their participation in the 38 OAS General Assembly to be held in Medellin, Colombia.

"We also consider essential the work of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (whence) and their respective monitoring systems in Nicaragua, with all the necessary guarantees to respect its mandate ", said the Salvadoran Foreign Minister.

From Venezuela, commented that the political crisis, The economic and mainly humanitarian situation facing this nation has reached dimensions that have resulted in an unprecedented migratory exodus of refugees in the region and the unnecessary loss of human lives., in fact the democratic fracture was evident, for a long time, before “we had to act radically from that moment, so that the situation would not go to the dimensions we have at the moment, El Salvador will not continue as a passive observer of the reality of our Venezuelan brothers, El Salvador will not remain silent in the face of the serious human rights violations that are being committed in the sister republic of Venezuela, and we will raise our voices, faced with this situation whenever necessary ", stressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Declarations, that arrive after knowing alarming figures that reveal that close to 27% Salvadorans migrate to the United States in search of greater opportunities, more than 200 annual deaths on the road and approximately 2,000 a thousand children in shelters along the southern border of Mexico and the implementation of a plan in the prisons "Territorial Control Plan" that lacks human rights.

In his presentation, Hill Tinoco also called attention to the issue of fighting corruption as a way to strengthen democracy. “Find in the government of El Salvador, a strong political will with the modernization and strengthening of our State, the advances of our open government, as well as government ethics and accountability ".

This would be very questionable, since those achievements that are awarded, were reached with the previous government, already 27 days of entry of the new Executive, journalists and human rights organizations have denounced major setbacks, such as the lack of data on daily homicides or the suppression of the Secretariat for Transparency and Anticorruption of the Presidency of the Republic.

Work against corruption

At the national level and as a sign of your government's commitment, explained that they are currently working on the creation of an entity at the highest level, collegiate and with international support against impunity in El Salvador. This is not only with the aim of fighting impunity and corruption, with the strengthening of institutions, but also to generate new cultural patterns so that the population contributes and denounces corruption as something that is not admissible, ni tolerable.

Likewise, expressed El Salvador's commitment to contribute to security efforts in the hemisphere and contribute to peace. In addition to offering support in the fight against migration.