Canadians are in favor and against Nicolas Maduro

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. The opposing positions regarding the Venezuelan political and social conflicts continue to divide Canadian society. While the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, with the approval of a sector of the country, also growing criticism and protests against the Canadian president and, now, also, against the company public television and Canadian radio, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation).

The positions held by the various national sectors around this issue are clearly known and, thus, protest demonstrations frequently made by both sides no longer surprise anyone. What we do is new, is the recent wave of criticism against the main Canadian media.

It reviews have been rising in pitch as the conflict intensifies in the South American country, and a sector, which he supported Maduro and declared against the pressures of Canada, the United States and the Group of Lima against their government, They accuse public television and radio corporation making handling unbalanced information transmitted on the Venezuelan conflict.

A) Yes, dozens of Canadians across the country over the weekend demonstrated against what they see as biased news coverage by the CBC, which, claim, It has been folded speech for President of the Legislative Assembly of Venezuela, Guaido.

Protest demonstrations were held in front of the headquarters of the television in the main cities of the country. in Toronto, about fifty Canadian, including they are highlighting many Venezuelans and Latin Americans, carried signs reading "The CBC lies more than Pinocchio. Hands off Venezuela ".

The odd thing is that these groups of Canadians who have traditionally been more actively defended public broadcaster, when it has been hit by several governments for applying economic cuts. But now, they do not agree with the treatment that the media company is making the situation in the Latin American country and they are doing know.

CBC meanwhile reported on incidents against facilities, but the focus of the news was the criticisms made by protesters against the liberal government in power, for their support to what they consider an attempted coup in Venezuela.

parallel, groups supporting the self-proclaimed president Guaido the weekend was also demonstrated in front of the City Hall of Toronto, claiming more pressure against the Venezuelan government so that this allows the entry of the aid sent by the United States and currently is on the border, the Colombian side, as well as to mature out of power.