Canadians with roots in Mexico and Central America celebrated their independence parties homeland in Toronto

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Ontario. Canadians with Mexican roots, Guatemalan, Salvadorean, Honduran, Nicaraguan and Costa Rican partied in September festivities celebrating their independence from Spanish rule.

Mexico celebrates its national holiday with the Grito de Dolores each 16 of September, in commemoration of the 16 September 1810, date started the war of independence that lasted until 27 September 1821, Tigarante when the army entered Mexico City.

According to the tradition, Grito de Dolores is considered as the act that started this war of Independence, with the call that the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, in the company of Ignacio Allende, Juan Aldama, He made his parishioners to take up arms against the New Spain, for which he played one of the bells of the Parish of the town of Dolores, now it is known as Dolores Hidalgo, in Guanajuato.

Guatemala's independence, The Savior, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica is celebrated 15 September in commemoration of the 15 September 1821, when at a meeting in Guatemala City, that that was then known as the Captaincy General of Central, representatives of the Central American provinces declared their independence from Spain. The news of independence arrived in San Salvador 21 September and to Costa Rica 27 of September.

198 years after that 15 of September, Costa Ricans living in Toronto celebrated in a big way what is known as the Lantern Celebration, witch reffers to, He explained the Consul General of Costa Rica in Toronto, Deyanira Ramirez, a very particular history of Costa Rican tradition.

Before dozens of his countrymen, the consul Ramirez recalled that the night of the 14 September 1821, Mrs. Dolores Bedoya through the streets of Guatemala with a lantern in his hands inviting citizens to congregate in the square where they were meeting representatives of the Central American provinces ready to declare independence from Spain.

We need to remember, He said, the light source in those years were lanterns with lighted candles, and the action of this person represented the efforts of citizens for freedom and independence.

Thus the night 14 just last September, to 6:00 Costa Rican o'clock hour, Costa Ricans living in the GTA, mostly dressed in traditional costumes typical of the Central American country, They lit their lanterns and chanted the sacred notes of their national anthem.

The event also featured artistic performances representing Costa Rican traditions, as well as a sample of exquisite traditional food with which these festivals held in each of the households in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, the General Consul of El Salvador in Toronto, Kelly Arévalo, He invited his compatriots to participate on Sunday 15 September in the act of raising of the Salvadoran flag on the mast is located on the terrace of the Mayor of Toronto.

There, in the presence of dozens of Salvadorans, the consul Arévalo raised the Salvadoran homeland insignia then sing the notes of the National Anthem and then recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The event was artistic ventures in which a dance group showed the best of the Salvadoran traditions, and ended with a potluck in which the Salvadoran gastronomic symbol par excellence, And Pupusa, It was the main course.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Toronto did the same the next day, Monday 16 of September, to the hoisting their national flag on the mast located in front of the provincial legislature of Ontario. There, along with members of the Latin American diplomatic corps, provincial politicians and leaders of Mexican and Latin American community, the Consul General of Mexico in Toronto, Porfirio Thierry Muñoz Ledo Chevannier, He sang the national anthem and spoke of the importance of these festivities for his country and Canada.

Two days before, Saturday 14 of September, various Mexican organizations, supported by the Consulate General, They held a country fair in the esplanade of the Nathan Phillips Square, against the Mayor of Toronto, where between artistic presentations, Sales of food and much fervor for the homeland, They made the official ceremony of the Grito of independence by the consul Muñoz Ledo.