Canada is incorporated as an observer of SICA

Photo: @sg_sica
For Recinos Kriscia

Canada officially became the observer number 27 the regional integration process led by the Central American Integration System (SICA).

A memorandum of understanding was signed for accession, which it aims to strengthen relations of friendship and cooperation, but also it enables Canada to be summoned to participate in the meeting of chairpersons and the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, to address issues of economic areas, technological, scientific, environmental and human.

Secretary General of SICA, Vinicio Cerezo, He noted that "Canada is home to more than 100 thousand citizens of member countries of SICA, and is the destination of more than a billion dollars in exports, which expresses the importance of the economic relationship between the two sides ".

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Michael Grant, He said: "We are committed to working together to build a more inclusive region and hemisphere, peaceful and prosperous world for the benefit of all. Glen, He is willing to work safety, human rights, governance; as well as creating social and economic opportunities for all ".

Since 2017 Canada showed interest in reaffirming their ties of friendship with the SICA, as a country observer, but it was not until last year that at the meeting 52 Heads of state and government approved its incorporation.

According to an official statement of the Integration System, Canada's role has been crucial in the definition of official development aid and international cooperation strategy.