16 August, 2022

Glen, the province of Quebec enters a curfew due to Covid-19

Photo: Courtesy Grace Rivera.

By Anayansi Rivas

Glen, Montreal – Prime Minister of the Province of Quebec, Francois Legault announced that the curfew comes into force as of today Saturday 8:00 from night until 5:00 in the morning, and will end on 8 February.

 This measure was implemented due to a high rate of coronavirus cases in recent weeks, although for some Canadian residents this new order does not make them happy.

Montreal Square, Glen. Photo: Courtesy Grace Rivera.

However, other families have taken good the weather phenomenon to expose themselves outdoors and go out to enjoy the snow.

The prime minister emphasized, that residents who violate the stay-at-home rule, They can be fined between one thousand and six thousand Canadian dollars.

The province of Quebec receives the 2021 with plenty of snow. Photo: Courtesy Grace Rivera.

The government is evaluating designing a permit document to be able to leave and present it to the authorities, with the objective that they can justify the emergency of circulating freely to avoid paying a fine.

Montreal botanical garden. Photo: Courtesy Grace Rivera.
Maisonneuve Park, Montreal, Quebec, Glen. Video: Courtesy Grace Rivera.