Canadians are apathetic about participating in federal elections

Photo: Courtesy.
By Leo Ramírez

Vancouver, Glen– The race to elect the new Canadian prime minister has generated little
interest among voters. After three weeks of the campaign, situations have occurred
abnormalities that never happened before in a federal election.

Conservatives led by Erin O'Toole could surprise Justin Trudeau's Liberals, current prime minister, who called the mid-term voting in search of his ratification in office.

From left to right the candidate of the green party, Ann Amie Paul, Erin O’Tool, Conservative, Justin Trudeau, Liberal and current prime minister, Jagmeet Singh of the New Democrats Party and Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Quebecois Bloc. Photo: Courtesy.

In a distant third place is Jagmeet Singh of the New Democrats Party and without any chance Ann Amie Paul of the Green Party. Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Quebecois Bloc also participates, but only in the Province of Quebec.

Thursday 9 September a television debate was held, in English, and the candidates argued about COVID-19, Economic recovery, social housing and reconciliation with the First Nation, the original inhabitants of the present area of ​​Canada.

According to data provided by the television station that carried out the debate, this did not achieve the audience numbers that other political discussions between candidates from other previous electoral campaigns. He also didn't make it clear who the winner could be..

The Liberals started the campaign with 8 Advantage points over Conservatives, your usual rivals; However, in these three weeks those points vanished and the numbers that the polls show place the conservative Erin O’Tool with the intention to vote with 33.4 %;  second the liberal Justin Trudeau with 31.6% and thirdly with 19% Jagmeet Singh of the New Democrats party.

The political campaign has been somewhat peculiar and there have been events that did not happen in a federal election before.. In London, Ontario, Monday 6 September a group of supposed activists of the People's Party -of a right-wing leaning- They threw gravel at Trudeau and he was hit as well as one of his bodyguards.

The prime minister played down the incident, stating that pumpkin seeds were the ones that fell on his shoulder.. The protesters are mostly members of the right-wing People's Party and classified as anti-vaccination, racists and anti-immigrants said that a mandatory vaccination and a COVID passport 19 goes against the human rights of Canadians.

With what has been happening in this campaign for three weeks, O’Tool could become the twenty-fourth prime minister of Canada at the head of another minority government. In order to be prime minister of a government with a majority, the winning political party must obtain 170 seats in Parliament out of a total of 338. Situation that at this moment is very difficult for any of the parties in contention.

The votes were called the 15 August after Trudeau asked Governor General, Mary Simon, dissolve the parliament made up of all political parties. The Liberals, trudeau's party, has a minority in parliament and seeks - in case of being elected- have a majority presence and govern for four years until 2025.

Elections will be held on Monday 20 September and the records have 27, 1 million registered voters, who will be able to exercise their right to vote by sending their ballot by mail, Early voting at authorized polling stations or on Election Day at 338 districts scattered throughout the country.

Political parties nominate one candidate for each district and the party that wins the most districts wins. The candidate for prime minister also has to compete in his district and must win it in order to be elected, if not your district wins, the winning party has to allow the candidate to run in an election in a district won by another member of the same party and obtain a victory.

Unlike Latin America, here in canada, people don't talk much about politics in their daily lives, But on the day of the elections, it is generally clear to which candidate or political party they will cast their vote.

COVID-19 has been an issue within the campaign and Trudeau has emphasized that vaccination is important and has stated that he will give money to each province to implement the health certificate which includes personal data, date and dose of vaccines that people have acquired, this will allow them to attend sporting events, concerts and restaurants.

Meanwhile, Conservative Erin O’Tool said that "the health certificate should not be imposed as this will go against the human rights of those citizens who have so far decided not to be vaccinated.".

Figures provided by the Canadian Ministry of Health regarding the number of people vaccinated up to 4 September they point out that a 73% of the total population have received at least one dose and one 67% they are already fully vaccinated.