Change requirements for procedures in consulates of El Salvador in the United States

A new provision came into force in January at the consulates of El Salvador operating at the US around. Among the changes, are new requirements for applying for the passport and new opening hours users.

According to the new consul in Houston, Texas, Mauricio Rudy Chavez, begin to admit that the Salvadoran diaspora, deserves efficient and quality service, It is the first step in the task of changing the systems and processes that require consultares offices abroad.

One of the new provisions include the extension service schedules. As of January, stop offices close at noon, as they did before and shall serve journey continues from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Meanwhile, Consul Guillermo Olivo, de Woodbridge, en Virginia, He said the Salvadorans invest time to perform a procedure at the consular offices, It is important for them, because their income forgone, “an hour for them, is a time that impacts paying your rent and you have to value it”, he added.

further, between bureaucratic changes that implement, as of January, consular offices, requiring all Salvadorans to renew or obtain a passport, or performing other procedures, They must submit their single identity document, DUI.

This requirement is effective, after the Special Immigration Law and Migration was modified four months ago in El Salvador. The cost of renovation or acquisition of the DUI consulates in the United States is $35.00.

According to the consul Chavez, a benefit of this Special Law reform is that you can update the census, statistical processes, demographics; plus, we can develop economic and social studies of the Salvadoran population living in United States.

User complaints

But nevertheless, the reforms have not liked him some users visiting consulates.

Yesenia A. a Salvadoran who lives around Dallas, He considers that all processes and procedures at the consular office are bureaucratic Houston. Salvadoran addition, believes that offices are looking for is to have international control data Salvadoran citizens.

Yesenia, It is disappointed that arrived at the consulate with the intention to renew your passport, but he did not know of the changes, or less of the reform to the Special Immigration Law.

Salvadoran says he has always used only his passport to complete the formalities and explains that the fact of having to additionally have the DUI, it generates inconveniences.

Improve other services

Demand have consular offices is great. One of the biggest complaints that reach the Salvadoran headquarters offices is that no one answers the phone when seeking answers to your questions.

The consul Olivo, de Woodbridge, He explained in the program DC Express News, taking into account the opinion of compatriots and says that to improve services from the new provisions, his office is improving responsiveness in receiving calls.

Mienntras offices in Houston, Chavez explained the consul, He said a call center to handle calls related to consultations of consular services and for obtaining or renewing the DUI was created.

According to official said Houston, Salvadorans seeking information on some paperwork or services provided by consular offices can call the number that has been enabled since January for care: 832-273-9695.