United States House of Representatives approves bill to give citizenship to benefit from TPS and DACA

For Recinos Kriscia

The House of Representatives of the United States Congress approved a bill that offers to give citizenship to immigrants who are currently benefiting from Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and deferred action for childhood arrivals (IF).

Legislation named HR6, obtained with a vote in plenary session, 237 votes and 187 against. The document must be analyzed in the Lower House and then in the Senate and if approved it will reach President Donald Trump who has already said that he will veto it.

Hours before project approval, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives said that the decision should be thinking about the future of young people covered by DACA.

It is to remember that the Deferred Action for those arriving in childhood (IF) emerged in the administration of former President Barack Obama and protects from deportation, granting in some cases access to temporary work and driving license.

Donald Trump ordered its cancellation but the ruling of several courts forced him to keep it.

The TPS, grants extraordinary permits to citizens of nations affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters, and dates from 1990.