30 November, 2022

California issues alert for excessive heat and urges to reduce the use of electrical energy

The state FlexAlert Alert goes into effect this Wednesday 17 August 4 a 9 p. m. due to excessive heat and high energy demand

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California, EE.UU. – The California Independent System Operator (ISO) posted a Flex Alert due to high temperatures and increased energy demand, Therefore, it issued a series of recommendations.

Through his official Twitter account, he highlighted that the state FlexAlert Alert will come into force this Wednesday 17 August 4 a 9 p. m. due to excessive heat and high energy demand. Consumers Urged to Reduce Power Usage to Protect Grid Reliability, suggested in the statement.

With above-normal temperatures forecast across much of the state around the power grid, an increase in the demand for electricity is expected, mainly due to the use of air conditioning.

Thus, calls for voluntary conservation measures to help balance supply and demand.

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Reducing energy consumption during a Flex Alert can help stabilize the power grid at a time of supply and prevent further emergency measures, including power outages.

In California, Climate Change is expected to cause the loss of 10% of water in the state during the next 20 years. Making an urgent call to action, the governor laid out a plan to adapt to a hotter, drier future.